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Kinesiology is a powerful holistic therapeutic medicine.

Developed in the 1960's by Chiropractic Doctor George Goodheart. Kinesiology merges western anatomy and physiology with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The basis of Kinesiology is the Triangle of Health. Each side represents the key aspects of our being:

Physical & Structural | Bio-Chemical & Nutritional | Mental & Emotional.

Each side of the triangle of health is recognised as being of equal importance - if one side of the triangle is out of balance or under stress, it will automatically impact the other two sides.

The Triangle of Health

Kinesiology uses ‘muscle testing’ to access unique insights into all areas of an individual's health. A kinesiologist is able to use these insights to complete a journey of balance, aligning the body, mind, and spirit for an optimal life experience.

Embracing each client's individuality, Kinesiology tailors its approach to each person's unique needs, restoring harmony within their entire being. By reestablishing balance, a kinesiologist will empower the body to regain its natural healing rhythm, allowing the you to thrive in a state of self-regulation and well-being.

What are the benefits of kinesiology?

Kinesiology addresses imbalances across all aspects of what it is to be human, including external and internal experiences. It includes physical, mental and emotional health, social issues, career challenges, relationships (with self and others), and so much more. The scope is wide stretching and the benefits numerous - just one reason why being a career in kinesiology is so interesting, fulfilling and rewarding. But some of the most common outcomes achieved across all ages include - but is absolutely not limited to:

o Enhanced learning and cognition o Improved performance o Increased productivity o Reduction of pain

o Emotional stress relief o Overcoming fears and phobias o Overcoming past traumas o Enhancing emotional intelligence Interrupting negative patterns and habits o Aid the healing process o Optimal nutritional uptake and balance o Mental clarity and aiding in decision making o Increased self-worth o Improved resilience

Kinesiology & The Law of Five Elements

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a cornerstone of the foundational principals of kinesiology and determines how we work with the unique energetic blueprint of each individual body. TCM divides the human energy system into twelve key meridians, each relating to different organs and systems in the body. These then correspond to one of the basic five elements of the natural world:

FIRE: Heart, Small Intestine, Circulation Sex, Triple Warmer

EARTH: Stomach, Spleen

METAL: Lung, Large Intestine

WATER: Kidney, Bladder

WOOD: Gall Bladder, Liver

Kinesiology uses the laws of these five elements to identify the unique energetic pattern of a client, and how by applying these laws we’re able to pinpoint the imbalances in the energy flow and where it’s impeding the client’s ability to achieve outcomes and optimise their experience of life.

Each of the five elements and twelve meridians, represent a variety of perspectives including metaphors, emotions, detoxification pathways, and more. The most powerful aspect is how the client’s individual energetic blueprint, congruent with the law of five elements, determines the most efficient and effective pathway to reinstate balance and homeostasis.

When studying professional kinesiology qualifications, students are introduced to the law of five elements in their decond module - yep, class two! They leave after four days of class with the knowledge and skill to perform a 14 muscle energy balance and isolate the priority balancing procedure specific to the client’s needs, as they work with the five elements and meridian system across multiple techniques, including muscle integrity, sound, colour, nutrition, emotions and vertebrae.

Understanding the law of five elements, and experiencing its power in kinesiology is to understand experience the power, scope and application kinesiology offers.

Start to experience the Kinesiology today by exploring our Kinesiology at Home Wellness Centre which contains tools and guides, workshops, articles and other resources that you can use at home, every day as part of your wellbeing routine.


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