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The Nidana Collective is an accredited Academy where you can study and a supportive community where you can grow.

Looking for a career change in 2024?

Last dates for our FREE informational webinar

Did you know that you could start studying Kinesiology part time in February, and be a certified and practicing Kinesiologist by the end of 2024?

Our 2024 intake for the International Certificate of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP) is now open. To help answer the many questions you may have about studying Kinesiology, and what a career as a Kinesiologist might look like, we offer a free information online session with one of our team.

Don't miss these final dates for an interactive opportunity to find out more about our accredited courses, and what an emotionally and financially rewarding career could await you by then end of next year.


Our NEW Half Day Workshop 2024 dates are COMING SOON

We have launched a half day Kinesiology workshop open to 'Any Body' & 'Every Body' on Kinesiology tools for your wellbeing and self-care. Join us at a funfilled, informative, relaxed and powerful workshop where you will learn easy tools to support you in your wellbeing goals, including:

- Energy boosting and energy soothing

- How to bio-hack the subconscious mind

- The mind body connection

- How to 'muscle test' yourself

- Simple detoxification techniques

- Emotional intelligence tools

- And, so much more!!!!

You Are In The Right Place:


If you are interested in studying kinesiology we offer introductory courses as well as leading international ICPKP qualifications.


Find out how Kinesiology can contribue to your employees productivity, performance and the overall ORGANISATIONAL WELLBEING.


If you're looking for a professional practitioner and want to discover what Kinesiology can do for you.


If you are already a practitioner looking to add to your portfolio of tools and techniques, including growing your business. We have something for you.

Elevating Kinesiology to Excellence

We are committed to the professionalism of Kinesiology and the results it delivers to clients, students and customers. We honour the foundational science of Dr George Goodheart, Dr Bruce Dewe, and the profession of exceelence in contributing to humanity. We are proven products of how Kinesiology changes lives.

What is Kinesiology?

Based on the foundations of Eastern & Western philosophy & underpinned by science, Kinesiology encompasses the holistic functionality of what it is to be human – physical, mental, emotional, biochemical and spiritual.

Kinesiology accesses the unique essence of each person through a biofeedback mechanism called muscle testing. It uses this to assess and upgrade the client's responses to all variations of stresses, including internal and external, conscious and subconscious.

As we are all unique, Kinesiology essentially empowers each individual to create a pathway from where they are now, to where they choose to be both within themselves and their life.

Utilising a wide range of resources including subconscious realigning, nutrition, acupressure, coaching, muscle or structural rebalancing & emotional clearing, to name just a few, Kinesiology is truly holistic.

Kinesiology allows the body to use its natural ability to heal, as the innate guide for the client….so no two appointments, like no two people, are ever the same.

Kinesiology changes lives.

Video Testimonials

Sarah Peacock

Jacqui Low

Kate Anderson

Here's What Our Students are Saying...


"Sarah is an amazing teacher and amazing health practitioner."

"Her knowledge of all aspects of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body is EXTRAORDINARY.

As a kinesiology teacher, Sarah has a unique ability to break down difficult concepts with examples to make them relatable and easy to understand.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying with Sarah and have also had remarkable kinesiology balances with her as a client.

Sarah cares deeply about her students and clients and I can't recommend her more highly."


"Sarah is a gifted and inspiring teacher."

"She brings a beautiful energy and humour to the classroom, and skillfully makes the content accessible, easy to understand and so interesting to learn.

Her EXCEPTIONAL knowledge, experience, and insights satisfy the most curious of minds."


"Terese's kinesiology competence is astonishing."

"Not only is Terese an inspiring, gifted, and successful practitioner who practices what she preaches, she is also a skilled and sensitive teacher.

Her care for detail and subtle guidance ensures every learning style is met and matched with EXACTLY the right amount of attention to get the most out of her students' learning experience.

I highly recommend any course Terese teaches. You will not regret it!"

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