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At The Nidana Collective, we believe in the bigger picture of what it is to be a kinesiologist, or any other practitioner working in the world of natural therapies. After 40 collective years of experience as practitioners and teachers in the industry, we know the importance of ongoing education. Both to develop skills beyond one’s qualification, as well as the ability to add further value to clients.

One consistent pattern we noticed throughout the years, is the number of students who qualified as exceptional practitioners, but often lacked the skills and/or knowledge to establish and build a thriving business. This was one of the core drivers underpinning the creation of The Nidana Collective.

Needless to say, the first course we put together was an online course –
The Profit Pathway Program. The purpose of which is to equip you with all the basic skills you need to build the foundations of a successful natural therapies practice.

From here we surveyed many graduates and practitioners in the industry to find out what it is you are looking for. We found most of you wanting to either develop further skills across the vast amount of modalities that complement Kinesiology or learn how to evolve & develop your businesses.

Whatever the case, we trust you find value in our workshops to share with your clients and/or build your business, so you can continue to do what you love and earn a living whilst making a difference.

Face to Face:

  • 1/2 Day Workshops


  • Kinesiology Self Care Workshop
  • Profit Pathway Program
  • Working with Kinesiology Online

Coming Soon:

  • Human Design
  • Goal Setting
  • Metaphysics


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