Surviving (and thriving) this holiday season

Let’s face it, this time of year can be a bit chaotic. Whether you have a full social calendar and need to find some balance or find travel, entertaining or planning stressful, we have put together a few of our resources to help you through the holiday season madness.


Feeling drained? This is better than a triple-shot latte. Our simple energy booster technique is an easy way to re-energise yourself, so you’re ready to take on the silly season. Do it yourself or practice with your family.

Watch the technique here.


It’s been a long year and you might have your eyes firmly set on the finish line. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or anxious this simple grounding technique restores balance by switching on your body/mind connection. Perfect for the whole family too!

Watch the technique here.


As we collectively emerge through the other side of Covid-19, and still navigate some challenges, what better gift to give than a gift of self-empowerment, self-healing and resilience. All in an electronic format you can revisit for the rest of your life.

Purchase our online Self-Care Workshop for yourself, or another, before midnight on 26 December 2022 and receive a 20% discount $792 (usually $990). USE CODE: XMAS22 at checkout to redeem.

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Terese has enjoyed a rewarding and fulfilling career in Kinesiology, having built three successful practices across Australia and New Zealand. Terese has worked with individuals and organisations and is now a leader in her field. She has contributed to various publications, including magazines such as Viva, Russh, MindFood, and Marie Claire, to name a few. She has also been featured on Radio shows and as a speaker at both industry-specific and corporate events.

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