Releasing Health + Emotional Blockages with Kinesiology

If you’ve got a health issue or a consistent emotional challenge, can Kinesiology help?

Amelia Phillips is a Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV presenter, Trainer & Blogger passionate about helping women lead healthy and fulfilled lives. Amelia talks to our Founder and Kinesiologist, Sarah Gilmore-Mayne, in her podcast ‘Healthy Her’ about how this part of traditional Chinese medicine, part biochemical treatment, might help struggling mums including what to expect in a session and what evidence there is to support the practice. See here for privacy information.

Click here to Healthy Her podcast interview.

Sarah Gilmour-Mayne

About the author

Sarah is a Mother, wife and practising Kinesiologist. She has experienced radical transformation through her journey with Kinesiology and over the last 16 years, Sarah has taught and consulted with many of Sydney's leading Natural Therapy Colleges across their Kinesiology qualification offerings.

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