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Our Founder, Terese Mudgway regularly contributes to MiNDFOOD. In this episode, Terese talks with MiNDFOOD radio about achieving the perfect balance of energies and seasons in our life in particular, what to expect from spring and how to harness the energy of this season so that you can benefit later from your work now.

“A good way to look at it is the analogy that we have with spring. A spring clean – so think about what do you need to clean out and get rid of? Interestingly enough if you look at the element of wood in Chinese medicine the gall bladder and the liver are the two organs that sit in that element… they basically help in cleaning out the rubbish in our system.”

“So this spring, think about what is in your life that you need to clean out, get rid of or refresh. Also think about about the seasons. the next season we go into is summer and in Chinese medicine there are stages to that (early summer and late summer) and in late summer we harvest or reap the reward of the seeds that we plant in springtime.”

So what seeds do you need to plant right now to harvest later in life?

Tune in and listen to the segment with MiNDFOOD here.

Terese Mudgway

About the author

Terese has enjoyed a rewarding and fulfilling career in Kinesiology, having built three successful practices across Australia and New Zealand. Terese has worked with individuals and organisations and is now a leader in her field. She has contributed to various publications, including magazines such as Viva, Russh, MindFood, and Marie Claire, to name a few. She has also been featured on Radio shows and as a speaker at both industry-specific and corporate events.

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