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Good Vibes - Article for Rebirth Magazine

Vibe’ is often thrown in conversation relative to music, connection or feelings, and usually with a positive or upbeat reference. An abbreviation of the word ‘vibration’, vibe entered our world back in the 1960s. It was a ‘vibing’ time, not to mention a time of change.

So how does one ensure ‘good vibrations?’ Well, if we consider vibration relates to oscillations of motion about an equilibrium point, then understanding the movement of energy is key… and in steps kinesiology. Directly translated, kinesiology means the study of movement. In other words it’s all about energy.

As a kinesiologist, energy is close to my heart and at the centre of my world (well quite literally and figuratively). It’s the foundation of my work, my purpose, and the common link connecting all existence in the universe. You could say I ‘vibe’ on all things energy.

I have been in private practice for over 20 years now, including working with organisations and teams in facilitating change across all facets of what it is to be human. Fundamentally I am facilitating a change in their energy; said another way, I am assisting them in raising their vibration.

Most clients come through my door looking for a ‘fix’, a reason and a solution. What most don’t initially understand is that the pure nature of kinesiology is about energy. Yes, we work with the physical structure of the body, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and bio-chemistry, but this is all done through shifting energy.

As much as I love discussing the extraordinary intricacies of kinesiology, the quintessential aspect to understand is; in shifting our energy we shift our vibration. Firstly though I deliver this with the caveat found in the second paragraph of this article… it is an oscillation. Don’t fall into the trap of looking for happiness, or any other form of good vibration, as a destination. It is not a journey to an end point – bank it and tick that box. Energy/vibration by mere definition is movement. Constant movement. The intention of the movement toward a vibration of alignment with our heart and soul. The good ‘stuff’.

I often use the analogy (alongside my crude white board drawings) of a hot air balloon. Imagine you are in the basket and with only a whisker of space between yourself and the ground. There are plenty of sandbags anchoring down to the ground, with the endless possibilities above and beyond over the hills and the horizon before you. We know the moment the balloon begins to rise, so does the scope of your vision, and in turn, the vastness of your choices.

There are two elements involved in transforming the balloon’s position: Relieving the weight of the sandbags whilst altering the vibration of the air in the balloon itself. at a level which raises the basket off the ground.

So what does all this have to do with kinesiology and the work I do? Quite simply, kinesiology assists in identifying and releasing a client’s ‘sandbags’ (blocked energy), whilst raising their vibration through cultivating and encouraging the flow of energy into a state of homeostasis. The results? A happier, healthier more aligned you… let the good vibes roll.

Original article was published in the September 2022 issue of Rebirth Magazine by Spiritual Events Directory.

Terese Mudgway

About the author

Terese has enjoyed a rewarding and fulfilling career in Kinesiology, having built three successful practices across Australia and New Zealand. Terese has worked with individuals and organisations and is now a leader in her field. She has contributed to various publications, including magazines such as Viva, Russh, MindFood, and Marie Claire, to name a few. She has also been featured on Radio shows and as a speaker at both industry-specific and corporate events.

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