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The Nidana Collective - Kinesiology for Every Body

Self Care - knowing your personal well




Easing through August

This is the month where the seasons begins to change as we merge into springand a new phase of the year. We trust you enjoyed the previous newsletter,Maybe you learned something new; picked up some handy tips, or justenjoyed a leisurely read about things you're interested in. If you missed it, you can still check it out here.

Having spent years working for ourselves, in an industry caring for others, thismonth we've decided to shine the light on the importance of 'self-care'. As people who LOVE what we do, and are self employed, the champagneproblem we often come up against is the challenge is finding the off button,and making the time to schedule a well deserved holiday. For any readerswho are fellow Kiwis, you may recognise the image above from the jetty at Russel, looking back to Paihia. I've used this image to head this month'snewsletter as I took this photo earlier this year when over in New Zealand on amuch deserved holiday. Hence it's appropriateness in representing a crucialaspect of 'self care', especially for the self employed like ourselves. Now ascritical as holidays are in the self care equation, they're only one piece of acomplex puzzle. Keep reading and you will find out more, and to ensure youget just how important we believe it is, we've produced an entire onlineworkshop on it: Kinesiology Self Care.

The other topic we want to unpack this month, is what we fondly refer to is'Easi Kenisi'. Two of the most common questions we're asked are "How hardis it to learn to do what you do?","How hard is it to become a Professional Kinesiologist?" The simple answer is -"It's not hard." When you are studying asubject you are passionate about, which speaks to your heart and you're consistently drawn to, consider attending classes is a joy.......and it's actually EASY!! The bonus is, it's setting you up with a fulfilling and rewarding future.

Becoming a Professional Kinesiologist does take a level of investment of time,focus and passion. The rewards however are infinite. Our students gothrough a personal transformational journey and graduate with so much morethan a qualification. If you're still sceptical we invite you to join us at one of our half day kinesiology workshops open to 'any body' and 'every body'.

Self Care & Easi Kinesi......all in one

Winter Gratitude

As we wind up the last few weeks of winter, it's a good idea to remember that each of the four seasons has value and offers critical stages and phases for all.

So as we wave a fond farewell to winter, lets look at all the great things you can be embracing through these last weeks:

• Fermenting foods

• Kombucha home brew

• Body scrubs / dry skin brushing

• Reset your gut health with a 3-5 day fast

• Rest

5 TOP TIPS to .......

Activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System

1. Laughing

2. Gratitude

3. Deep belly breathing

4. Gently run your fingers across your lips

5. Cold exposure: finish your shower with a cold blast

Taking Time to Take Care of You

Take A Seat

Pull Up A Pew

Put Your Feet Up

Crafting Selfcare

Earlier this month I had the honour of being invited as a key mentor andspeaker at the Brisbane Business Hub’s (BBH) Women In Business MentoringWorkshop event.

As I often do, I asked the organiser at BBH, “What is the most commoncomplaint/pain point/frustration (or thereabouts) which you hear from theseamazing women?” Her response was immediate: “They tend to putthemselves last and put so much time and effort into their business andfamilies, and forget to take care of themselves”. Decision made, I will speakabout the importance of self-care, and the importance of self-care for the self-employed.

It may seem simple, however, how many of you sit down and allocate time andspace to the consideration and planning of a health and wellbeing schedulefor yourself for the coming month, let alone year?

Before you know it the year is flying by and you are feeling stretched, stressed,exhausted, possibly overwhelmed and heading for burn out valley…….oh andwhat happened to that yoga class you promised yourself? The weekendretreat? The healthier, calmer more vibrant and balanced version of you (and your life) that you committed to on new years eve?

But before we begin to unpack how to prioritise your self care, let’s go back astep and look at what it is.

Self-care is the practice of taking deliberate actions to promote and maintainone's physical, mental, and emotional & energetic well-being. It is an essentialaspect of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. The importance of self-carecannot be overstated, as it plays a significant role in various areas of our lives. Maybe even more than you’d considered, so here are just some of the things to ponder.

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Colour Me Happy

Colours wield remarkable influence on human emotions and behaviour.

In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) the energeticmodel through which qi flows, follows the many rules of the five elements: Fire; Earth; Metal; Water; Wood.

Each 'element' represents a colour, which speaks to differentemotions, seasons, sounds, life stage and more:

• RED evokespassion, igniting energy and urgency, fire in your belly

• GREEN signifies growth and renewal, invoking thecreation of new beginnings.l our hard work

• WHITE do you need hard boundaries or do you need to open up more?

• BLUE engagesflow and flexibility, what needs to be buried that no longer serves?

• GREEN signifies growth and renewal, invoking the creation of new beginnings.

What colours are you drawn to in your life right now?

Our wonderful, creative colleague Kate Anderson, has created a beautiful Kinesiology book for kids. So in the theme of 'Easi Kinesi', nothing proves thismore than watching kids learn and utilise these powerful yet simple kinesiological techniques.

The book has been designed to support children's holistic wellbeing; increase energy; enhance left/right brain integration; mental alertness; improve comprehension, co-ordination and focus.

Kate's book The Adventuroos is beautifully illustrated, fun and easy to followfor all the little people (and the parents) in the family.

Learning Kinesiology: A Surprisingly Accessable Journey



Learning Kinesiology: A Surprisingly Accessible Journey

PKP Kinesiology, a collective approach to holistic wellness, steeped in historyand science, has been changing people’s lives for over sixty years. Since the inception of Applied Kinesiology by Dr George Goodheart DC, in the 1960’s, it has evolved and grown into a viable profession which delivers extraordinary results for clients and fulfilling careers for practitioners.

It was Dr Bruce Dewe who took Applied Kinesiology, only available to doctors of chiropractic, anddeveloped it into a viable and accessible profession for anyone wanting acareer which contributes to humanity as well as being the most holisticmodality in natural therapies today.

While PKP Kinesiology might seem complex, its learnability sets it apart. The structured approach, reliance on practical techniques like muscle testing, and integration of diverse science philosophies collectively make PKP Kinesiologyan unexpectedly easy yet potent system to master, offering an exciting path to holistic health and wellness.

If any part of you feels curious, and has a sneaking sense there might besomething in this for you, we invite you to join us at one of our upcoming halfday workshops in either Sydney or the Gold Coast.

Half Day Kinesiology Workshop - SYDNEY

Half Day Kinesiology Workshop - GOLD COAST

Crazy About Crystals

ROSE QUARTZ is a mineral composed primarily of silicon dioxide molecules. It is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart (and heart chakra), teaching the true and pure essence of love. It also opens purifies the heart.

The Rose quartz brings deep inner healing and most importantly, self love. It also strengthens the heart and circulatory systems, and restores trust and harmony.

Consider the most important, and most permanent relationship we all have in our journey through life, is that with ourselves. So give a little love to theperson you wake up being every morning, and put to rest every night.

Swipe Right!

Introducing: Alfina Lofaro, the newest member of the

Nidana Collective Team.

We often joke about how we met Alfina.....attending a workshop in Brisbane, we met Alfina as the facilitator at the front of the room. We were there to learn from her, only to find we were exactly what she'd been looking for. You could say it was a piece of divine synchronicity. We went to meet her, but she waiting to 'meet us'. I like to say we are a gift to each other.

Alfina's ten plus years experience as a performance coach has beenbeautifully underpinned with twenty years in experience in education. She now has both a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Diploma of PKP ideal, and highly qualified person to join our team.

Anyone interested in joining our FREE informational webinars, you will see this gorgeous face looking back at you on the screen. You might also find her on the end of a phone call, and those lucky enough to be joining the Brisbane Campus for the 2024 Professional Kinesiology classes - well, you will be seeing Alfina on a regular basis!