The Nidana Collective - Kinesiology for Every Body

The Nidana Collective - Kinesiology for Every Body




We are excited to bring you the first edition of our monthly newsletter.

Over the coming months, we will delve into a plethora of topics in the realm of Kinesiology, well being, energy and anything else which inspires us to the point we're just bursting at the seams to share it with you.

In this inaugural newsletter we thought we'd begin with explaining our company name, Nidana, the reasons behind our choice, what it reflects about our core values, vision, and the essence of why we exist.

What's In A Name

So, what is Nidana?

Derived from ancient Sanskrit, Nidana represents a profound concept that resonates with our mission and identity. Nidana translates to "cause" or "origin" for change.

We believe we are all capable of change. What's at the source of that drive to seek, seize or embrace change can be as unique as we are individuals. There are many turning points in life, as there are opportunities to grow. The forks in the road we choose, and those we don't. But whichever path you are on, what's motivated your choices, directed change, and fuelled your desire to seek beyond what is....

That is your Nidana.

In our world of Kinesiology, complimentary medicine, and holistic wellbeing, we work on bio-individuality. Bringing homeostasis to the whole being.

What has someone choose Kinesiology as a conduit for altering something as big as their life trajectory, or as small as a habit, is part of their Nidana.

When you're ready, your 'nidana' will present itself, and a shift begins.

The innate connection between nidana, kinesiology, and what's possible for you, is your cause for change that drives your fulfilment toward your ultimate well-being and life experience.


In our endeavour to keep the good vibes flowing, and contributing to you, our community, we will be publishing a monthly blog. If you have any subjects you'd like us to discuss, please let us know. It maybe a question, an idea or a curiosity. In the meantime we will be sharing whatever appears to be showing up on our 'radar' or in our 'energetic field for the month. In the meantime,

here's the latest: Love Your Liver

"Just Blog it"


This month's read was presented to me quite randomly (if you believe in random) It was placed in front of me over a cup of tea during a spontaneous visit to a friend. It's 'REASONS NOT TO WORRY' by Brigid Delaney. Simple concepts, base in stoicism and amazingly relevant for today. If you are someone who wastes many minutes, hours, days, or maybe even your life, worrrying about things that may never happen, READ THIS BOOK.

I Love Learning

We recently launched our Online Kinesiology Self Care Workshop.

Although we're a little shy about ourselves on camera, we are damned proud we got over ourselves for long enough to record a beginner's guide to Kinesiology. But, don't be fooled by the word 'beginners' as it is jam packed with resources which will be essential tools you can utilise forever!!!

Interested? Check out the page on our website OR register into one of our upcoming FREE 1 HOUR WEBINARS where you can get all your questions answered and decide if this is for you.


Profiling Someone We Love & Who Deserves A Shoutout

This month's shout out goes to our gorgeous friend, colleague, fellow PKP Kinesiologist and Sydney teacher, CHRISSY HOLLAND.

Chrissy has been 'cherry picked' from hundreds of graduates over the years, to teach, mentor and support our Sydney students. This wonderful woman brings a wealth of knowledge, life experience, expertise, and a nurturing warmth to all she does. Based in the northern beaches of Sydney, Chrissy has had a broa d career in corporate, both in Australia and internationally, prior to finding her true calling and path of purpose in Kinesiology. She is also a mother of two divine young people. They are an inspiring reflection of just how well Chrissy takes care of others, whilst empowering them to be the best versions of themselves. If you are looking for a excellent kinesiologist in Sydney, you've found her:



Dreaming of a more fulfilling career?

Well, we can assure you being a Professional Kinesiologist offers you that in spades.....and then some.

Whether you are in a corporate career and looking to transition, or returning to work after getting your kids set up and 'ready' for the world, come check out what it would look like, feel like and sound like if you were to make a living, making a difference.

Click here to register for a FREE 1 HOUR WEBINAR to find out more

What are you waiting for?


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines! Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails."

Mark Twain

Why This Quote? So many put their lives on hold until, one day, when they have it all handled, sorted, managed, perfect. Or maybe it's enough time, space or money. Sadly waiting for all the ducks to be lined up perfectly, prior to taking action toward the life you want, generally leads to dreams and potential remaining hidden behind a slightly exhausted smile of 'I'm fine; It's ok'

Top Tips For Winter Warmers

  • Eat a diverse range of fresh seasonal fruit & veg, providing phytonutrients & fibre (probiotics).
  • Move your body = moving your lymphatics; a big part of our immune function.
  • Get into the sunlight; morning's best to aid Vitamin D & neurotransmitter production.
  • Include plenty of Mother Natures antibiotics into your diet; The allium family - garlic, onions, chives etc
  • Super charge your immune system with additional Zinc, Vitamin C & probiotics.
  • Quality Sleep!!! A regular deep sleep routine is a powerful way to support your nervous system.
  • Cozy Cuddles: Studies have shown that hugs & connection with loved ones releases the 'cuddle hormone' Oxytocin; reducing stress, supporting immune function.
  • Chill factor....cold exposure (eg cold water at the end of your shower or a dip in the ocean) reduces cortisol & boosts immunity.


Spend some time during these winter months of hibernation to get to know yourself better and love yourself a little more.

Maybe even build a 'warm fire' of self love in your heart by investing time into exploring and understanding yourself at a deeper, richer level.

A key to living an empowered and authentic life is the ability to observe and reflect on one's own behaviour, and understand what drives it.

Ever considered that your behaviours are in some way governed by your values? If not, here's an opportuinty to understand yourself better, know what triggers you and possibly learn to love and embr ace yourself that much more. Check out Terese's article, Valuing Your Values, where she teaches you how to decipher the code into knowing your core values and how they impact your choices and behaviours. Read the full blog here

Crazy about Crystals

This is a favourite. It sits on our kitchen bench so we see it every morning making coffee. It's a ritual reminder of how grateful and lucky we are to live the life we live. This is CITRINE.....a powerful cleanser and regenerator. Warming, energising and highly creative. It is a stone of abundance. It's dynamic energy teaches how to manifest and attract prosperity, success and all the 'good' things. Citrine's a happy generous crystal which encourages sharing the riches of life whilst assisting you to maintain and grow your own. It has the power to impart joy as it raises self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.