The Top 10 Questions People Ask About Studying Kinesiology

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As Australia's top Kinesiology trainers for students wanting to become profitable, professional Kinesiology practitioners, we're asked questions about this profession every single day. Here are the 10 questions we're asked most often, and our answers.

Hear what our students have to say

Sarah is an amazing teacher and amazing health practitioner.

Her knowledge of all aspects of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body is EXTRAORDINARY.

As a kinesiology teacher, Sarah has a unique ability to break down difficult concepts with examples to make them relatable and easy to understand.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying with Sarah and have also had remarkable kinesiology balances with her as a client.

Sarah cares deeply about her students and clients and I can't recommend her more highly.

Caron Brooks

Sarah is a gifted and inspiring teacher.

She brings a beautiful energy and humour to the classroom, and skillfully makes the content accessible, easy to understand and so interesting to learn.

Her EXCEPTIONAL knowledge, experience, and insights satisfy the most curious of minds.

Lotte Genillard

Terese's kinesiology competence is astonishing.

Not only is Terese an inspiring, gifted, and successful practitioner who practices what she preaches, she is also a skilled and sensitive teacher.

Her care for detail and subtle guidance ensures every learning style is met and matched with EXACTLY the right amount of attention to get the most out of her students' learning experience.

I highly recommend any course Terese teaches. You will not regret it!

Ash Morse

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